Accident Repair Guildford

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Accident Repairs Guildford

Nobody wants to have an accident in their car, but these things do happen from time to time. That sickening crunch as you hit a bollard or wall you thought you were nowhere near can prove to be costly and inconvenient.  When your car has a dent – or worse – you want to find a reputable company who can get your car back to looking as good as new. At C&S Coachworks we have been working on accident repairs in Guildford for several years, and we’re able to repair your car and have it looking good as new in no time.

Even the accident repair in Guildford is more severe than just a little bump against a bollard, we have the skills and expertise required to get the job done.

When you’re looking for accident repair in Guildford we’re sure there are plenty of places to choose from. But we’re also sure that if you ask around, you’ll find that C&S Coachworks is the place place to go to for accident repair in Guildford. Most of our customers come to us through recommendations and we are very proud of this fact as we believe it shows just how much we care about customer satisfaction and service.


In the event of an accident, we are your one stop shop for everything you need to get your car back on the road. Whether you’ve had an accident in your car, in a van or even on a motorcycle, we are able to repair your vehicle and get you back on the road and good as new in no time. Our accident repair services include:


Body repairs: when you’ve had a bump or scrape body repairs are usually the main work required. Our expert panel beaters can repair the body of your vehicle and get it looking good as new.


Spraying: we can match the paint colour perfectly and get rid of scrape marks and chips, making it as if they were never there.


Welding: if you’ve had a more serious accident your vehicle may require welding work to get it back on the road. Our team of skilled experts have lots of experience in ensuring welding work is carried out safely and efficiently so that your car is back on the road as soon as possible.


Bonnet repairs: In the event of a crash the bonnet of a car is designed to crumple so as to absorb the impact and protect you. Bonnets are really great at doing this and keeping you safe, but afterwards you’re left with a bonnet that looks like it will never be the same again. Luckily our experienced technicians are able to iron out all of those creases and have your bonnet straightened out in no time.


Scratch removal: where a car has been scratched or scraped deeply, a simple respray won’t resolve the issue; the scratch will still be visible beneath the new coat of paint. Luckily our team of experts is able to repair the scratch by filling in the gaps, so that it’s barely perceptible once they’ve finished.


Car Body Repairs Guildford include:

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Car body repairs Guildford

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