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Car Restoration Bordon

For car restoration in Bordon come to C&S Coachworks. With over twenty-five years’ experience, we have all the knowledge, equipment and expertise needed to make sure your car is restored to its former glory. More to the point, we love the work we do and will treat your car with the love and attention it deserves.

Owning a classic car is a dream for many; we all have that romantic idea of buying a car and restoring it ourselves, a labour of love! The reality is that with such old engines and bodywork it can quickly become a drain on both time and money. Restoring a classic car is often a lot more work than we expected and it breaks our hearts to think of so many classic cars in Bordon and the surrounding area, hidden away under dust sheets and in garages, waiting for the right parts, the right amount of time, the right expertise. The reality of restoring a classic car is that it requires a lot more time, energy and dedication than most people expect – not to mention the extra ongoing maintenance required on an older engine. These are all things most of us don’t consider when we first fall in love with a classic car and decide to buy it to restore it ourselves.  So many classic cars end up languishing in garages while their owners struggle to find the parts they need, and the time required to do the job properly.

Here at C&S we understand better than most that restoring a classic car is not just another repair job. A classic car is a thing of beauty, and restoring it is a labour of love, whoever ends up doing it. We understand that your classic car is important to you, and we encourage you to take an active role in the restoration process. We love it when owners come into the garage to take progress photos or talk through what’s going on. Our specialist mechanics are all enthusiasts and will happily chat to you about the processes and equipment they’re using.



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Over the years we have helped several classic car owners to get their pride and joy out of the garage and back on the road where they belong. Whether your classic car is a new purchase or it’s been hidden in the garage for months or even years, we can help to get it roadworthy again. We use traditional tools and methods alongside new technologies and equipment to make sure your car is as close to its original glory as possible.

Our experience of car restoration in Bordon covers a huge range of makes and models, and we are always up for a challenge! Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and more importantly we are all genuinely interested in restoring classic cars and enjoy our work. We believe this is what makes us the best choice for car restoration in Bordon and the surrounding area.

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C&S Coachworks also offer restoration services for Motorbike restoration and Van restoration call 01428 751678 for more details and friendly advice.