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Car Restoration in Surrey

We are your local experts in car restoration in Surrey. A classic car is great to own, but with old engines and bodywork there is often a lot of work involved in restoring and maintaining them.

It can seem like a fun project to buy a classic car and restore it in your garage – and it really is. But sometimes it can end up waiting in the garage for months or even years while you struggle to find both the parts and the time you need to do it justice. Unfortunately many people lack the experience required to be able to complete what often becomes a long and labour intensive job.

When you come to C&S Coachworks for your classic car restoration, you are coming not only to the experts but to a team of enthusiasts.  We can help you with both part and full classic car restoration in Surrey.


We use traditional tools and methods alongside more modern technology and equipment to bring the best of both worlds to your classic car.

We believe that restoring a classic car is a labour of love, and we bring this love to each and every car we work on. Our specialist mechanics have many years of experience in car restoration in Surrey and pride themselves on the care and attention to detail that every classic car deserves.

We welcome and encourage owners to take an active part in the restoration process; you are welcome to come and take progress photographs and ask questions. We are very proud of our work, and we want you to be too.

Our experiences covers a vast range of maked and models. As with any classic car enthusiast, all of our mechanics can happily talk for hours about particular car restorations they’ve been part of: the restoration of the engine; the respraying; the sourcing of materials. We are proper enthusiasts with a real love of classic cars and engines, and we bring this to all of our work, taking great pride in the work we do. Established over 30 years ago, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience alongside that love and enthusiasm for classic cars. We believe this enables us to offer a wide and comprehensive range of services to our customers, whether they’re looking for a small repair or a complete overhaul.

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How much does it cost to restore a car?

The cost for restoring your car will depend on how much work it requires. Our rates are competitive, and we will provide you with an estimate at the start of your car restoration project.

If we come across any areas of concern that could significantly alter the price we have quoted, we will get in touch to discuss your options.

We are always here to answer any of your questions regarding car restoration so always feel free to get in touch.

C&S Coachworks also offer restoration services for Motorbike restoration and Van restoration call 01428 751678 for more details and friendly advice.