Accident Repair Farnham

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Accident Repairs Farnham

No matter how carefully you drive, it is easy to find yourself dealing with a bump or scrape – or worse – caused by someone else. When you’re in need of accident repair in Farnham, whether that’s full body repair or knocking out a few dents, we believe C&S Coachworks is the best place to come.

With years of knowledge and experience and extensive training, our car body shop will have your car repaired and back on the road in no time. We have been working on all types of car body repair in Farnham for several years; we have hundreds of satisfied customers. Whatever accident your car has been involved in, we will be able to help you quickly and professionally. Most of our customers come to us through recommendation and we believe that speaks volumes about the level of care and customer service we provide. We pride ourselves on always providing excellent accident repair in Farnham and the surrounding area. Our service is always friendly and professional and we will do our utmost to ensure your car looks as good as new when you leave us.

When a car comes to us for accident repair in Farnham the main bulk of the work is car body repair. As well as this, we are able to spray, weld, repair the bonnet and even work on scratch removal. Whether your car has been involved in a major accident and needs extensive repairs, or just has a couple of dings from bollards or a car parking accident, we will be able to help you, and to do so quickly and efficiently.


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