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Car Body Shop Farnham

We offer a one stop shop for all car body repairs in Farnham, whether you need our help following an accident or you are just sprucing up the exterior. At our premises we can offer a wide range of services to upgrade the aesthetics and structural quality of your vehicle to a high standard.

We can repair your car body using a variety of materials and approaches including both metal and plastic shells.

If the external structure of your car has been damaged by a collision or scraping, we can repair this to get your car back to its former glory.

Perhaps your car is just old and has been damaged by the weather over time. Whether you have rust, chipped paint or even cracked paint we can resurface and respray your vehicle to get it looking great again.

Car Body Repairs Farnham include:

Car Body Shop

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Panel beaters in Farnham

We have specialist panel beaters who can smooth out dents, large and small. We also have trained welders who can use specialist equipment to repair damage to metalwork and reattach any broken parts.

We can also source replacement panels for parts that are too damaged to be repaired.

Car Body Repair Farnham – Bumper Repairs Farnham – Scratch Removal Farnham

We take great pride in our work and will always aim to repair all damage on your vehicle. We have many happy customers who have been pleased with the cosmetic and structural improvements we have provided for their cars.

Crash Repairs and Accident Repairs in Farnham

Car body shop farnham

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