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Car Body Repairs Farnham

We offer a one stop shop for all car body repairs, whether you need our help following an accident or you are just sprucing up the exterior. At our premises we can offer a wide range of services to upgrade the aesthetics and structural quality of your vehicle to a high standard. Our customers tend to find their expectations surpassed with our finely tuned finishing processes that leaves a smooth surface looking almost better than new.

With materials varying between brands and the age of your model, we can solve problems with both metal and plastic shells. The external structure might have become damaged in a collision with another car or through a simple accident such as scraping the pavement or reversing into a post. Sometimes we have customers who would like repairs carried out on an exterior that has been poorly maintained. Old models kept in the garage, inherited from an elderly relative or left off the road too long can be subject to the ravages of rain and time, causing rusting, paint chipping and cracking. It can be a real pleasure to see the surface renewed and resprayed to give a new lease of life to a prized family possession, rather than going on the scrapheap unnecessarily.

Car Body Repairs Farnham include:

Our Farnham team includes panel beaters who can smooth down kinks, nicks and dents to restore the original shape. If you’ve taken a more serious knock, our trained welders can use specialist equipment to deal with rips in the metal and reattach broken parts. At the most serious end of the scale we can call on our reliable suppliers to source replacement panels where the damage is overwhelming. Bonnets crumpled through force, missing or corroded can be replaced and the same goes for wheels and other large components. Specialist body jigs and tools mean the job is done by professionals at an impressive speed, leaving you assured that it won’t be off the road any longer than absolutely necessary.

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As a straight forward and plain talking business, we keep you informed at relevant stages whilst we fix your motor. It begins with an initial assessment to check for not only superficial damage but anything underlying that might need attention. After discussing this with you, we will go through a proposal and offer a quote for the work that we perceive needs to be done. You may have specific ideas in mind and we can work with you to find the best and most viable solution within your budget. Our industry standard techniques mean that whatever the plan we agree on you’ll get a top quality result, with repairs that have been described as ‘almost invisible’ once the body is renewed.

You can ask us about our glass and headlight replacement as well as alloy wheel refurbishment and car scratch repairs, as we know sometimes there are several elements to put right at the same time. We take pride in our work and tend to find our customers are just as pleased with our cosmetic and structural improvements as we are.

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Car body repairs farnham

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