Car Body Repairs Haslemere

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Car Body Repairs Haslemere

One area C&S Coachworks are proud to serve is the countryside gem known as Haslemere. If you prefer to park your vehicle and put on your hiking boots then it’s likely you’ll be familiar with this southern market town. Walkers flock here through the year to stretch their legs in stunning landscapes that have remained largely unspoilt. As a small place with a strong community it attracts plenty of curious tourists seeking a very English day out.

One of the attractions lies in the array of independent and boutique shops that can be found amongst the Tudor buildings on the high street. These traditional, listed properties are what gives the centre it’s charming character, painting a postcard-worthy picture for visitors and residents alike. The wide road is well suited to the passing traffic that these days replaces the horse-drawn carriages. The stone war memorial remains however, central to the surrounding shops and homes.

Like many locations in this part of Britain it has maintained a firm base in the woods and forests on it’s doorstep. The cluster of homes that edge onto it do this even more so, remaining fairly secluded in their leafy isolation. Grayswood is one such spot North of Haslemere and offers the traditional church and village hall you would expect. Shottermill plays host to some architecturally interesting properties in it’s position West of the town. Equally quaint, Nutcombe is placed en route to Hindhead and retains a leafy feel, nestled amongst untouched woodland.

As you might expect the name derives from hazel trees that once stood on the banks of a lake that no longer exists. The name stuck however, and is still a testament to the relationship with nature that is strong here. The woods that are so nearby have been recognised for their beauty through the generations, happily leading to an agreement with the National Trust. They are protected, keeping them safe for wildlife, ramblers and locals for many years to come. As a popular commuter hub for those working in London, it provides a restful weekend hideaway that contrasts the developed cityscape.

Car Body Repairs Haslemere include:

Body Repairs

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Our clients rely on us to keep their vehicles running for the daily commute. Although it feels a million miles away, the A3 main road runs close by and provides a convenient route between London and Portsmouth. There are plenty however, who make good use of the public transport links put in place for just this purpose. The train station takes hundreds of workers to London Waterloo every day, with plenty of regular services.

The education options here make it yet more attractive, with state and independent schools for parents to choose from. Real enthusiasts will be eager to visit the Educational Museum, an usual but studious day out. Our mechanics are familiar with customers hailing from this town, tucked away in the very bottom corner of Surrey. For repairs, welding, paint jobs and restoration of classic vehicles C & S Coachworks are a professional local firm you can call on.

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